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Privacy Policy Statements

HarGroup Management Consultants will:


§    Strictly preserve and guard respondents’ confidentiality and anonymity.  Respondents' rights to confidentiality and anonymity will be respected at all times.


§    Ensure that all information gathered from respondents will be used for research purposes only. No personal information will be used or sold to other parties for subsequent non-research purposes, such as direct marketing, list-building, fundraising or other marketing activities, under any circumstances. 


§    Not conduct research projects as a disguise for selling or developing sales leads.  Client products or services will not be given to respondents to develop sales leads.


§    Ensure that respondents' co-operation in research projects is entirely voluntary at all stages. Respondents have the right to withdraw from the research process at any time and decline to respond to specific questions presented in research instruments.


§    Not mislead respondents when asking for cooperation and participation in a research project.


§    Take steps to ensure the security of all research records in their possession.


§    Not deliberately influence the opinions of respondents being interviewed in research projects.



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