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Policy/Program Evaluation and Development


Policy makers and program managers need good information about the relative effectiveness of policies and programs.  Policy and program evaluation and development examines the value, quality, utility and effectiveness of policies, programs or initiatives.  The evaluation essentially enables decision makers to establish the merit or worth of a policy or program and identify strategies and initiatives for improvement or development.


Related services include: 

         Performance measurement

         Continuous improvement

         Benchmarking and best practices


Methodologies employed:


       Standards developed to determine value, quality, utility, and effectiveness


       Surveys of users and non-users


       Focus group discussions


       Depth interviews


       Regression, factor and cluster analysis

   Examples of recent experience:


         Sports Playfields Policy - HarGroup conducted a series of survey involving users of sports fields regarding rules and regulations for use of fields.  Working in conjunction with a change management consultant, a Policy Manual was developed through the review. 


         Park Managers Manual - Consultation was provided for the development of a manual which will be used by Park Managers to identify revenue generating opportunities for outdoor attractions.  The manual presents a step-by-step approach to identifying opportunities, researching markets, developing marketing strategies and analyzing the financial feasibility of a venture.


         Festival Evaluation Survey - A telephone survey of 400 respondents to assess regarding community interest and demand for a municipally funded festival.  The results of the survey were used to assess future funding policies for the festival.






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