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Our services are designed to provide you with the help you need to effectively and successfully serve your existing and future customers and constituents.  We provide a cost-effective and timely service that minimizes turn-around time, enabling our clients to take immediate action. 


Research Services


Various research techniques are employed in all of the assignments our clients engage us to undertake.  Staff are fully conversant in the development and application of numerous research techniques and analytical methods.


 Research Techniques

Analytical Methods

v    Telephone surveys

v    Mail surveys

v    Web-based surveys

v    Customer intercept surveys

v    Depth interviews

v    Focus group discussions

v    Desk research and database searches

v   Content analysis

v    Descriptive Analysis

v    Inferential Analysis

v    Differences Analysis

v    Associative Analysis

v    Predictive Analysis


We also offer a monthly telephone survey service called HarGroup Omnibus. This innovative cost-sharing telephone survey enables clients to gather current, accurate and reliable information from Calgary and Alberta populations.


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Consulting Services


Our professional consultants offer specialized expertise in the following areas:

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v     Needs and Preferences Studies

  Needs assessments

  Awareness, attitude and user assessments


v     Citizen/customer satisfaction measurement

  Citizen satisfaction measures

  Customer retention


v    Advertising Awareness & Effectiveness

    Advertising recall

    Advertising reach

    Concept and copy testing


v     Policy/Program Evaluation & Development

  Performance measurement

  Continuous improvement

  Benchmarking/best practices

v       Business/Strategic Planning

        Mission and vision statements

        Corporate objectives

        Balanced scorecard

        Key success factors


v       Marketing Strategy and Planning

  Market demand analysis

  Pricing analysis

  Market feasibility studies

  Location/distribution studies

  Market/customer segmentation


v       Economic Planning and Analysis

  Economic profiles

  Economic and fiscal impact studies

  Socio-economic impact studies


v       Organizational Development

  Organizational Review

  Job Design and Descriptions

  Compensation Studies



For more information about how we can help meet your needs, contact us today: 


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Toll Free 1-877-431-5002





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