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Our research services offer applications of various primary and secondary research techniques and methods.


Survey Research

Our surveys are designed to identify changes in the market-place, and to determine the types of new product and service opportunities which may exist for our clients.  We make extensive use of various survey techniques, including


v        Mail surveys

v        Telephone surveys

v        Internet/web-based surveys

v       Customer intercept surveys


Focus Groups

Using group discussions involving current and prospective customers, we provide our clients with critical information about the products or services can meet market needs.


Depth Interviews

Using a set of probing questions, our consultants discuss issues with respondents, typically executives or industry experts, on a one-on-one basis to gain opinion or ideas about what the respondent thinks about a specific subject.  The object of depth interviews is to obtain unrestricted comments or opinions and to ask questions that will help our clients better understand the various dimensions of customers' opinions and why these opinions exist. 


Desk Research and Database Searches

We access various data sources available from government and private organizations that provide information about your industry, product or service.  Desk research and database searches can provide a wealth of data about industry conditions and trends, trade information, population demographics, etc.


Research Resources

We can provide our clients with a full range of facilities necessary to effectively and accurately conduct research. We operate a multi-line telephone call centre in Calgary, and we have access to fully-equipped focus group facilities. For surveys and focus group recruiting, we employ trained staff who are experienced in gathering quality data through disciplined methods of query and accurate information recording.


Our call centre employs computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI) workstations.  This CATI system allows for immediate data entry, quick turn around and facilitates quality control processes (accommodating complex skip pattern logic, consistency checks, rotations, open-response editing, etc.).  We use advanced Internet survey software for conducting web-based surveys.  This in-house resource enables us to develop web-based questionnaires, distribute them via the Web or e-mail, and collect responses.  The advanced capabilities of this software accommodate multiple-page questionnaires, multiple-page skip patterns and advanced branching, and question and answer piping.  We also employ a variety of systems to serve mail-surveys, database searches, and other research techniques. 


We also utilize advanced statistical analysis software such as SPSS (v.13.0) and StatPac to conduct various types of analysis involving frequency distributions, cross tabulations, descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, and standard deviation), as well as explanatory statistics (significance tests, correlation coefficients, multiple regression, factor analysis, etc.).


All available resources are brought to bear to fully address the specific needs and requirements of our valued clients.


Quality Assurance


An integral aspect to our approach is our quality assurance program which has been designed to ensure that survey data is collected and managed by means that minimize error and maintain accuracy. We have incorporated a variety of systems and procedures and utilize technology-based control functions to ensure high quality data is achieved for our clients.


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For more information about how we can help meet your needs, contact us today: 


Calgary, Alberta (403) 261-7999

Toll Free 1-877-431-5002





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