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Organizational Development


Organizations want to operate efficiently to ensure resources are effectively employed and customers' needs are being met.  As organizations evolve and develop, new strategies and systems are considered for organizing corporate functions and human resources.  HarGroup has assisted organizations by examining operations and functions and proposing practical solutions for organizing and employing resources.


Related services include: 

         Organizational Reviews


         Job Design and Descriptions


         Compensation Studies


         Performance Measurement

 Methodologies employed: 

       Surveys of employees, stakeholders and partners


       Focus group discussions


       Depth interviews


       Content analysis



   Examples of recent experience: 

         Municipal Services Review - A Municipality commissioned a review of services provided by one of its divisions.  The division had gone through various changes that had affected its mandate and the types of services provided.  A review of stakeholder needs was undertaken using focus groups and executive interviews to determine how the division might better address its mandate and identify what services and structures were required to attend to the needs of stakeholders. 


         Organizational Review - A distribution company with over 100 employees in three locations across western Canada had grown beyond the effectiveness of its original human resource structures and systems.  HarGroup was engaged to recommend an effective organizational structure and functions and create a position description, performance measurement and compensation systems.


         Organizational Development Study -  An organization was working toward an industry accreditation and engaged our firm to assist with enhancing customer service initiatives, organizational systems and a planning process which involved continuous improvement initiatives. Interviews were conducted with executive members, management, staff and clients to develop a planning strategy to address organizational development objectives.





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