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Needs and Preference Studies


Needs and preference studies evaluate and determine customer or constituent expectations for products and services.  Needs analyses identify gaps between what is and what should be provided, discover issues or challenges and potential solutions, and clarify priorities and key interests.  Our strategies help clients to meet the demands of existing customers and to access previously untapped customers.


Related services include:


         Needs assessments


         Awareness, attitude and user assessments


Methodologies employed:


       Surveys of customers/constituents


       Focus group discussions


       Expectation and performance gap analysis


       Family life cycle stage analysis


       Regression and factor analysis



  Examples of recent experience:


         Recreation Study - A major recreation needs and preferences study involving a 2,800 respondent survey and focus groups was conducted for a large municipality in Alberta to assess citizens' needs and preferences for recreation facilities and programs.


         Community Association Needs and Preferences Studies - A community association commissioned a needs and preferences study to understand perceptions about community amenities, specifically related to a proposed community centre.  A survey was conducted with 350 residents to measure current recreation and leisure activities, interest in potential programs and facilities, and priorities for community association activities.


          Public Transit Service New Bus Pass Survey

       500 respondents were randomly selected to participate in this survey which examined patterns of transit use and interest in various price points for various types of bus payment methods.






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