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Marketing Strategy and Planning


Customer demand can change quickly. To keep on top how a client's organization is performing we help our clients to understand their competition and develop marketing plans which can capture market share and take advantage of new market niches.  Our research services contribute to the evaluation or development of marketing strategies designed to strengthen a client's market position.


Related services include: 

         Market feasibility studies


         Pricing analysis


         Location/distribution studies


         Market/customer segmentation


Methodologies employed: 

       Surveys of customers and potential customers


       Focus group discussions


       Depth interviews


       Content analysis


       Regression, factor and cluster analysis


  Examples of recent experience:


         Tourism Destination Region Tourism/Marketing Plan - A marketing plan was developed for a Tourism Destination Region, a newly established tourism organization responsible for the delivery of tourism marketing .  Key tourism stakeholders throughout the region were consulted to establish a marketing focus for awareness marketing, partnership and product development, and market information services.


         Radio Station Market Study - A marketing study was developed for a radio station in central Alberta.  The study examined market and product/program development initiatives and assessed market opportunities for enhancing revenue opportunities for the station.


         Casino Market Feasibility Study - On behalf of the central Alberta First Nations community, HarGroup conducted a market feasibility study for a resort casino.  The study examined development options including community and destination casinos.  A survey was conducted with potential markets in proximity to the community, which contributed to a market profile for the proposed venture.





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