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Economic Planning and Analysis


Economic planning and analysis studies can address a variety of community planning and opportunity development issues.  For example, a community’s socio-economic base can be measured and profiled.  Strengths of and gaps within the economy are assessed.  From this analysis, strategies are designed to address the needs and expectations of community residents for economic development.  As another example, various research techniques and economic and statistical analyze are employed to assess and measure the economic and fiscal impact of a community development project.


Related services include:


§      Economic profiles


§      Economic and fiscal impact studies


§      Socio-economic impact studies



Methodologies employed:


§       Surveys


§       Depth interviews


§       Internal strengths and weaknesses; external opportunities and challenges


§       Income expenditure and input/output analysis


  Examples of recent experience:


§    Interpretive-Education Centre - As part of a feasibility study conducted for an interpretive-education Centre, HarGroup estimated the economic impact of the construction and operation of the facility to the surrounding community.


§    Economic and Fiscal Impact Assessment Workshop - HarGroup provided a training workshop to a First Nations group about economic and fiscal impact analysis.  In the workshop, members of the First Nation group prepared an assessment of a major project the community was undertaking.


§    Golf Course Market and Economic Feasibility Study - A market and economic feasibility study was conducted for a proposed golf course to be located in central Alberta.  The feasibility study identified markets for the proposed golf course, examined potential development characteristics, recommended operational components, forecasted revenues and expenses, and assessed economic impact of the development to the community.




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