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Customer Satisfaction Measurement


Various research techniques and statistical analyze are performed to measure and evaluate customer expectations and perceptions of product and service quality.  Clients gain deeper insight into product or service dimensions such as tangible traits and attributes, reliability, responsiveness, competence, courtesy, accessibility, communication, etc. and gain understanding into perceived value and customer loyalty and retention.


Related services include: 

               Citizen satisfaction measures


               Customer retention/loyalty measurement

 Methodologies employed: 

       Surveys of citizens/customers (internal and external)


       Focus group discussions


       Product and service gap analysis


       Regression and factor analysis


Examples of recent experience:


         Emergency Services Survey - A telephone survey was conducted with 1,500 residents of a large municipality, as well as 250 direct users of an emergency service, to determine the publics opinions of the service. Specifically, the survey examined issues such as public education regarding prevention and community safety.


         Public Transit Service Customer Satisfaction and Non-User Surveys -

A customer satisfaction and non-user survey was conducted to assess use and perceptions of the transit services.  A total of 501 interviews were conducted in each survey.  These surveys examined transportation behaviors and patterns of citizens, customer needs and expectations for key transit service dimensions and market potential for attracting non-users to use transit services.  The measures gained from these surveys will assist the transit service plan future services within the city.


         Parks Satisfaction Survey - A survey of 1,400 citizens was conducted to measure satisfaction with the provision of parks with a major Canadian city.  The survey examined satisfaction with various aspects of parks and preferences for funding.





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