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Business/Strategic Planning


Business/strategic plans identify conditions of an opportunity, define why opportunities exist, propose strategies and initiatives for seizing the opportunity and describe how an organization will execute plans to seize the opportunity.  By facilitating client expression and contributing research and counsel, HarGroup has helped many organizations prepare and articulate their ideas into opportunities.


Related services include:


          Mission and vision statements


          Corporate objectives/guiding principles


          Balanced scorecard


          Critical success factors


Methodologies employed:




       Depth interviews


       Content analysis


       Internal strengths and weaknesses; external opportunities and challenges


       Pro forma financial statement preparation


  Examples of recent experience:


    Proposed Museum Business Plan - A business plan was prepared for a museum and interpretive centre, which is proposed for central Alberta.  In the business planning exercise, market demand and strategies were prepared, an interpretive program was presented, an operational plan and Pro Forma statements were developed. 


   Recreation Facility Strategic Planning - HarGroup, in conjunction with a recreation consultant, assisted a recreation facility prepare vision, mission and mandate and objectives. 


    Community Centre Business Plan - HarGroup assisted the a community association to prepare a business plan for a proposed community centre.  Key components of the study were a strategic vision for the facility, market assessment, operations planning and Pro Forma financial statements.







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