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Advertising Awareness and Effectiveness


The influence of advertising and promotional campaigns is tested using programs of single or multiple research techniques. Assessments are made of how well a campaign has reached its target audience, the types of image recognition that has resulted, and the market segments that may be influenced by the campaign.


Related services include:


          Advertising recall


          Advertising Reach


          Concept and copy testing


Methodologies employed:


       Surveys of customers and potential customers


       Focus group discussions


       Content analysis


       Aided and un-aided recall analysis


       Segmentation and audience measurement


  Examples of recent experience:


    World Sporting Championship and Advertising Awareness Surveys - A series of surveys were conducted over six months to examine event and advertising awareness and recall associated with the a world sporting championship held in Edmonton, Alberta.


    Recreation Advertising Surveys - A series of surveys were conducted with citizens to measure recall of an advertising and message retention for an advertising and communications campaign.  Each survey wave involved 400 respondents.


    Pre- and Post- Advertising/Sales Campaign Surveys - Surveys were conducted in the spring (pre-campaign) and fall (post-campaign) with a provincial population to examine the awareness of a travel program and its advertising and sales campaign.  In each survey wave, 800 Alberta respondents were interviewed.





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